These items are handcrafted by artisans in the U.S.A.

Due to availability of materials, variations may occur.


3013a-fuggly-1 3013b-fuggly-2 3013c-fuggly-3
3014A Fuggly #1 - 18m - 2.5d 3014B Fuggly #2 - 18m - 2.5d 3014C Fuggly #3 - 18m - 2.5d
3013d-fuggly-4 3013e-fuggly-5 3013f-fuggly-6
3014D Fuggly #4 - 18m - 2.5d 3014E Fuggly #5 - 18m - 2.5d 3014F Fuggly #6 - 18m - 2.5d
3013g-fuggly-7 3013h-fuggly-8 3013I-fuggly-9
3014G Fuggly #7 - 18m - 2.5d 3014H Fuggly #8 - 18m - 2.5d 3014I Fuggly #9 - 18m - 2.5d
3013j-fuggly-10 3013k-fuggly-11 3013l-fuggly-12
3014J Fuggly #10 - 18m - 2.5d 3014K Fuggly #11 - 18m - 2.5d 3014L Fuggly #12 - 18m - 2.5d



MG-1 MG-2 MG-3 MG-4
MG-1 MG-2 MG-3 MG-4
MG-5 MG-6 MG-7 MG-8
MG-5 MG-6 MG-7 MG-8
MG-9 MG-11 MG-12 MG-13
MG-9 MG-11 MG-12 MG-13
MG-14 MG-15 MG-16 MG-17
MG-14 MG-15 MG-16 MG-17

Magnet Frames

To use alone or as a frame for a magnet in your collection. Available as shown in assorted colors or with beaded drops added.


FramesWMagsLeft FramesWMagsRight JeweledMagFrame
Decorative magnets shown are from the Elizabeth Turner Collection. With drops added

Scissor Fob Bracelets

Beaded elastic bracelets with a place to hang your favorite scissor fob.

FB-1 FB-2 FB-3
FB-1 FB-2 FB-3

Scissor Fobs
Non Magnetic

SF-1 SF-2 SF-3 SF-4
SF-1 Halloween SF-2 Biker SF-3 Cross - Day of the Dead SF-4 Southwest
SF-5 SF-6    
SF-5 Seaglass SF-6 Skulls - Day of the Dead    

Fob & Magnet Bracelets

Beaded elastic bracelets with a magnet frame & fob hanger. Decorative magnets shown are from Accoutrement Designs, Dream Fobs & Magnets & Elizabeth Turner Collection.

MFB-1 Seaglass - multi MFB-2 Seaglass - blues & greens MFB-3 Halloween - Fall colors
MFB-4 MFB-5  
MFB-4 Southwest - turquoise MFB-5 Halloween - Day of the Dead - Skulls  

Magnetic Cuffs

Adjustable electroplated & brushed steel cuffs in a variety of finishes. Decorate with your favorite magnets and add a scissor fob dangle.

 CU-1 Chrome  CU-2 Copper CU-3 Nickel  CU-4 Brass